Author: Paul

Google Adwords (PPC)


No Contract – Cancel Anytime

One of the most effective ways to get people to your website is using Google Adwords. And the quickest, most efficient way is via a Google Partner like Paul Keene, I’ve been carrying out successful Adwords campaigns since 2001.

YouTube Marketing

If you’ve got a video that needs promoting on YouTube, I’m here to help. With several year’s experience of YouTube marketing for major brands I’ll get your video shown to the correct audience.

Social Media

There’s more to social media than cute dog videos and inspirational quotes.
Social media is an opportunity for you to have a conversation with your customers, build a rapport and establish a relationship.
You don’t need to wait for them to amble through your shop door (whether virtual or real). By using Facebook and Twitter you can go to them, to their living room, their workplace, you can even be in the palm of their hand. 

Organic Search

Search Engine Optimisation since 1998

It’s essential that your website is on the first page of Google. This is SEO – and I’ve been doing it since 1998, and it’s still one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your website. Find out how SEO can benefit your busines.