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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process that requires keeping up-to-date with the latest Google algorithmic changes. With us carrying out your SEO, you’ll have the time to concentrate on the aspects of your business that you know best. We’ve worked on SEO since 1998, giving you the confidence to use our SEO services.

We design campaigns around your exact requirements. The campaign that we develop for you will be the one that is most appropriate for your business.

We quickly saw a marked improvement in the quality and quantity of enquiries and even won a prized order from Cadbury’s to install hands free kits in sixty vehicles.
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Here’s what’s included in one of our campaigns:

  • Keyword Identification – We’ll work with you to compile  a list of popular keywords you’d like to be found under. At this stage we look at your competitors keywords, the competition and also monthly search volumes on Google.
  • Analysis – A lot of  websites we work on have some problems which stop search engines indexing and reading all the content efficiently. We’ll go through your website with a fine tooth comb checking for errors.
  • Content & Site Preparation – We have a good understanding of which keywords will highlight your message and how your site should be coded to make the search engines feel at home
  • Links – We’ll carry out a thorough link building process, but remember, with links, it’s how good rather than how many. All our links are Google friendly – they won’t get you penalised. Quality over quantity.
  • Position Reporting – We’ll send you a completely customised report every month – to show you your search engine positions now, and how they were in the past.
  • Analytics Reporting -We’ll also install analytics software giving you a wealth of information in a concise monthly report about who is visiting your website – where they came from, what keywords they used to find you, and how successful you are in converting visitors into leads and sales.

It’s a thorough process that involves a constant process of review and revision. Each week we’ll review your search engine rankings, examine your site traffic reports and implement the appropriate tweaks.

Contact us if you’re looking to plan a SEO campaign, or need someone experienced to manage your existing  campaign and deliver great results.

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